We Need a Public OptionNine million people are currently enrolled in a public option health care system and they are very happy campers. Who are these lucky people and what do we give them?

They are active and retired elected officials as well as active and retired federal and postal workers and their families –  9 million people all enjoying fabulous health benefits through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program. The FEHBP is wildly popular. Of course it is! We did a great job when we gave them public option health care.

We give elected officials personal doctors who are on call 24/7, a doctor’s office right where they work. They don’t lose their plans when they lose their jobs and we give them insurance with no caps. We give them total exemption from pre-existing conditions. We let them pay the same premium for everyone without regard to age and other risk factors. We give them plans that may not impose waiting periods, limitations, or exclusions from coverage.

“If we pass a law that says a public option will be made available, I think people like myself should get out of this plan and go into the public option,” Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.), told CBS. He got voted down. I’m surprised his colleagues didn’t bring out the guillotine.


elite health insuranceWe give them premiums so low that you would get less than half of what they get if you paid so little. We give them the right to medical care that is not interfered with by insurance companies. Wouldn’t you love to have that?! Imagine, there are no anonymous medical committees or doctors setting rigid standards for the quality their care. We give them a system that doesn’t try to set prices for doctors and hospitals. We give them a public option in which nearly all plans cover the care received in an extended care facility, some with no dollar or day limits.

This one’s for you Tommy. While your premiums rose 80% in a single year, the program we give them saw premiums fall below those of private plans and Medicare as well. You pay more for less, they pay less for more.

We give them plans that cover most prescription drugs ( unlike Medicare). We give them the power to direct their own care through surveys that ask them to rate plan performance. Patients are asked about access to care, quality of care, availability of doctors, willingness to providet information and advice by phone, ease of getting appointments for treatments or checkups, typical waiting times in the doctor’s office, access to specialty care, and follow-through on care, the degree to which the plans’ doctors take a personal interest in their case, the amount of time available with the doctor, the available choice of primary care physicians and access to specialists, and the speed with which they can contact the plan’s service representative. Wow.

We give them a system so well managed that it’s not suffering from the critical financial problems we see in Medicare. We give them choices of up-to-date benefits and private plans that are unavailable in Medicare. They use a completely different payment system that lets them achieve an incredible level of cost control while constantly improving benefits. And we do all of this with a very small bureaucracy of around 150 people.

Damn, We’re Good!

Figured it out yet? We need to stop paying taxes for a public option that excludes most Americans. Otherwise, we’ll remain the dumb bunnies in free-fall while providing 9 million elites with the kind of care we should all receive.