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Jan 22 2010

Termites – Again!

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MorningSun 450x262 Termites   Again!

It was a beautiful dawn over Monterey Bay and that’s the last nice thing I have to say today.

Two years ago we bagged the house, had it filled with a noxious, killing gas to murder the termites, we moved into the Venetian Hotel because we were terrified of the gas and…now we’ve got termites again. Do these things not have any natural predators? They’re laughing at us. (Yes, the termite is a bad photo shop job but what are you going to do with a termite? Plus, I wouldn’t give it a place of  honor in my portfolio, it’s a nasty, voracious house eating critter.)

big smile 421x450 Termites   Again!

I wouldn’t have noticed for months but for the bad luck we’ve been having with our new siding and new double pane window in my office. Both of them leak when blustery winds push rain into the south side of the house. The old windows don’t leak. I caulked them myself so maybe that’s why. In any case, I had to wipe the water off the window sill this morning and saw termite poop.  I pulled back the blinds and saw the pin holes up in the window frame. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

House in a Bag 450x322 Termites   Again!

I’m not about to spend another $2,600 on a bag job. I’m willing to try the electrocution method although even that is a few hundred dollars. I’m away for the next two weeks though, in Connecticut, so the bugs can wait.

I wouldn’t mind spending another three days at the Pink Venetian 315x450 Termites   Again!Venetian except it’s winter and we could be swept away.

It really is an adorable place with the cutest little kitchens, and if you’re lucky a view of the water in summer. In winter, well…just be ready to run if you’re on a ground floor.

After this week’s huge storms the beaches are a mess, what’s left of them anyway. Some roads are still inaccessible, especially those in the mountains.

Despite the termites and the leaks though, I’m glad we live on a piece of flat ground with no mud slinging hillsides anywhere near us. Buildings are starting to fall after this first series of storms, their cliffs undermined by the waves. Rivers of mud run-off are tearing through neighborhoods in San Diego where last year’s fires destroyed all of the plants and trees and there’s nothing left to hold back the soil.

Ok, I’m grateful. I just didn’t think I’d be dealing with termites again so soon.

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3 Responses to “Termites – Again!”

  1. Wolynskion 26 Jan 2010 at 1:28 am

    Never knew what a termite looked like – now I see. Very funny.

    Oh, the joys of home ownership. Don’t the people who bag your home give you some guarantee? Otherwise, why bother?

    Do termites make noise at night?

  2. Angel Parkeron 31 Mar 2010 at 2:18 am

    The smiling termite is a little creepy but hilarious! I feel your pain. I figured termites only infested dirty homes, and I was so apalled when I found out I had them. Turns out they live anywhere as long as they can feed off wood. I had a pest company take care of the infestation and I’m so glad the termites are gone! They did minimal damage, but I have Kilter come do maintenance still just in case.

  3. Elle Sternon 09 Aug 2011 at 12:45 pm

    Ants eat termites!

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