Jim and I were once again in the kitchen where physics is so often under discussion. Maybe because that’s where we keep the wine.

“I bought two books, “Alice in Quantumland” and “The Wizard of Quarks” I said. “And I read a little bit about string theory.”

“But?” he asked”.

“BUT I DON’T GET IT!” If you changed the language of string theory to that of psychology you’d be talking about crazy people”.

This is so frustrating. I’m a smart person. I read non-fiction all the time. I read outside of my comfort zone. My house is over-flowing with books, artwork, and seashells. Jim’s study is filled with books on physics and software.There has to be some place in the middle where the minds can meet and one of us comes away with some little thing that makes sense.

So once again, I let the children help tell the story. This is Evan sitting on an open string. I have no idea where.