I thought I’d be gone just a couple of weeks but as it turned out, I stayed in Connecticut until February 14th.  I spent most of my time at the Transitional Living Center; with my sister. I had all the right clothes, but traveling from our winter, which consists of warm summer days in between rain storms was tough.


My sister had had a stroke and we discovered, much to our surprise, that she would get better therapy here in California. I brought her home to live with us. The therapy through Dominican Hospital has been wonderful. We’re working hard. And it’s nice to be back in the spring when the grass is green and the plum trees are in bloom. Come summer the fields of green will be fields of brown after months with no rain.


It’s good to be home. Connecticut was cute and full of Yankee charm but weeks in the cold wore me out. Plus, we were out in the countryside where the folks roll up the sidewalks at 9:00 pm. There were many nights when I got lost in the woods trying to get back to my hotel. One night, the only lighted place around was a prison, so I stopped there for directions. In the past I’ve thought about moving back but the vibe is wrong for me.

I hope that soon I’ll have more time to blog regularly.