That’s us! We now have a name for our reunion that somewhat rocks: THE RATTY JEANS JAM.

So many people don’t want to dress up (myself included) that it’s just got to be casual. Or, to be democratic and inclusive, how about – clothing optional, wear-what-you-want, be comfortable in a chicken suit if that’s your thing. You can be neat ratty, cheap ratty, chic ratty, or total ratty with a ripped T-shirt and dirt on your shoes, even ripped with a cute, tailored blazer – it all works. Sweat shirts, sweat pants, ball caps worn front or back, who cares these days, even skirts….skirts can be ratty if they feel like it…dresses too (but if you’re a guy, please wear tights).

I’m happy to report that I’ve spoken with a few more lovely people.  I feel like I’m hunting treasure and when I get a hit, I’m overjoyed.

When I got off the phone today I said to Jim, “We are all such wonderful people!”
“Do they know you’re crazy?” he said.
“Hey, somebody said I was vivacious in high school.”
“You’re still vivacious,” he said. “And crazy.”

So. I confess. I’m crazy. I asked for bailout money to pay the fees on re-financing the house. Everyone said no which only makes for a better blog later on.