Demi Moore's Missing ThighReally, this is just insulting to those of us who Photo Shop. I can’t believe that the person who shopped this photo got paid.

Demi Moore's Fat Thighs

The shopper just cut out a sliver of her hip and thigh to make her  look thinner. You can see in the close up that the shopper didn’t even bother to match up the line between her upper thigh and lower. Notice that if the thigh had been left alone, there wouldn’t have been any space between her body and her arm. I guess that kind of thing makes you look fat. The highlights on her shoulder blades are so fake.  It looks like a lazy dodge to me. As for the face…well, there just isn’t any make up in the world that can do this. The magazine thought she looks beautiful. Well she does. Or rather, it does.

photo courtesy of the Daily Mail