He’s only three years-old, this cute little guy, and he has a fly phobia. When Evan sees a fly in the house he’s goes crazy. He runs screaming, “Flies! Flies! There’s a fly in the house!”. This is when it’s fun and rewarding to be an adult.

You get to be a hero with very little effort. While it’s true that flies have dirty feet and disgusting jobs, they’re not tough adversaries.

Evan is Terrified of Flies

You can wait a day or so and let them bash themselves into the windows. Flies don’t ever self-correct when they encounter the outdoors through a sheet of glass. They just keep bashing themselves into the glass until they drop dead. My preferred eviction strategy when the phobic child is around is to create wind with anything at hand, a magazine, a piece of cardboard, and I just blow the fly out of the house.

The boys were here playing in the living room, Jim was in the kitchen fixing a snack, their dad was on the computer and I was weeding the garden under the kitchen window. I heard Evan run screaming into the kitchen, “Flies, there’s a fly in the house!”. You haven’t lived until you’ve seen this little one with the big vocabulary and birds nest hair running from a fly.

I came in from the garden, Dad came up the hall and we both enjoyed Jim’s first encounter with Evan’s fly phobia. Jim did very well although he had no idea what was going on. He spoke calmly to Evan, telling him everything would be all right meanwhile of course Evan was still screaming about the flies. I showed his older brother Harry how to create an air stream that blows the fly right out the door. Self-correcting Evan just went straight back to his toys. Problem solved.