I thought I’d amuse you by showing you my good will hunting for those of you who had the good fortune or bad luck of having gone to high school with me. Notes everywhere, phone lists, folders in my computer, it’s all a well organized mess. Plus, the “free” white pages have caught on to me. If I do too many searches, the “free” pages wont give me the information so I have to go away for a couple of days while the dupa system forgets me. Have a laugh at my expense, I’m laughing. Oh, and “dupa” is a Polish swear word.


I’m still looking for some of  you. I’ve found quite a lot more thanks to those of you I can’t mention since I’m protecting your privacy.  I could finish more quickly if only the “free” pages would stop annoying me. Plan B is going to the library to look in phone books…how archaic. I’m so Web 2.0 I’m not sure if I’ll know how to use a phone book.  I’m posting this so you wont think I dropped dead since my last update!