Autumn FireAnother Halloween is just around the corner. This is Lola-my-dummy wearing Autumn Fire. Now that I’ve seen the photo, I’ve decided to make the head dress larger. You would think I could have figured that out while Lola was standing in front of me.

I’m busy finishing up the last few costumes that I have to mail or deliver around town, then I can think about my own costume for the night. The piece I had been planning to wear sold. I really thought it wouldn’t so I put it out on the rack. You just never know who is going to like what. (Maybe she’ll let me buy it back after Halloween?)

This will be my last year making costumes, except for a select few for myself, friends and family. I realized that I can’t live with the house-as-my-studio.  It’s always such a mess and poor Jim can’t even walk from the front door to the living room without tripping over bins and piles of tulle.

The weather is absolutely gorgeous. Sunny and in the 70s although the nights are getting chilly.