Snow Queen Head DressThe doorbell rang a little before eight tonight. I opened the door to find a woman on my doorstep, clutching a pile of black fabric.

“Are you Suzi?’ she asked.


“Do you make costumes?”

“I do, yes.” (I was wondering how she found me and why she was on my doorstep.)

“Do you do sewing emergencies?”

Sewing emergencies? This was a first for me. She held up her pieces for me to see. The poor thing had started a knit costume and ran out of luck when the darts puckered. She had ripped it out three times. “I’m ready to cry,” she said. I could relate to that.

She lives at the bottom of my hill, near the pool, and found me by way of her neighbor who bought a costume from me last Saturday.  She needed something for tomorrow and I didn’t have time to fix her costume as I had two of my own to finish.

“It’s too late. I’ve got work to finish for clients, before Halloween. Why don’t you come in and start trying things on, we might find something.”

I brought her into the terrifying, messy, studio-my-house and found two long black dresses and a long velvet coat that looked good on her. “Go try these on and let’s see what happens.”  All three looked good on her. I loaned her the pieces and off she went. It gets crazy at this time of year but I never had anyone knocking on my door looking for me. I thought it was pretty hilarious though. I was throwing dresses around, picking through my bins, ordering her into the bathroom to try on…and I’d never met the woman.