I’m going to kill him when he gets back from Wales. How does one say in Welsh, “you are so done for”. He and the boys went off to a wedding in Wales and he forgot the suits.

I had been a nervous wreck for weeks thinking about this trip. He would be traveling for so many hours, from California to the U.K., with two rambunctious boys in tow.

Yes, he’s a grown man. Well, maybe not since he forgot the suits. He had packed with military precision fitting everything in a backpack and left the suit bag hanging on the door. I sent the boys off with my DVD player and an extra battery thinking that somehow the 13 hour trip would seem less onerous if they could watch their favorite movies, forgetting of course that children live in the moment. They probably enjoyed the security lines at the airport, the horrible seats and the lousy food. I can’t wait to see what the

boys wore to the wedding. Better yet, what did Dad wear? It’s a good thing most people focus on the bride at a time like this. So here they are. The boys in their beautiful suits.