October 30, 2009.

Joe Lieberman announced this week that he will vote to filibuster any health care bill that contains the public option. Joe, look at the government run program the taxpayers give you! Can we take that off the table too?

He said:

“Just take this government-created, government-run health insurance company that will cost the taxpayers, premium payers and the debt a lot of money — take it off the table.” He added, “We can come back in three or four years if the reforms — the other reforms we adopt are not working. But I think they will. And so, that’s — that’s my position, and I’m sticking to it, because I think it’s best for our country and my constituents.”

The taxpayers Joe is so concerned about are footing the bill for the Federal Employee Health Benefits Program that costs I don’t know what. There are 9 million lucky people enrolled in this public option and it’s such a fabulous program we could call it Lieberman’s Pork ‘n Perks. I posted a description of what the taxpayers give lawmakers and federal employees in “9 Million Enrolled in Public Option.  It will make you sick.

68% of the people in Connecticut, who Lieberman represents, want a public option for themselves, not just for him.  I don’t understand us as a people anymore. Why are we so generous to this small, elite class of people but incredibly mean when it comes to providing for each other? I think it’s time for revolt, not reform.