our-4th-amendmentI saw an article in the Huntsville Times by David Holden about a couple who are suing the airline for turning their 8 hour trip into a 28 hour trip. According to Holden, lawyers from three states have jumped on board intending to make this a class action lawsuit. From the very first incident when an airline sequestered people without their consent I saw this as a constitutional issue, and nothing less (despite the Patriot Act, which is a sick joke that turned us all into terrorists.)

I don’t know what this case is based on but I hope it’s the Fourth Amendment, because once again it involved no food, no water, and stinking toilets. Something as serious as this should be decided in the courts not in the operational guidelines of a corporation. As for the Tarmac Task Force, well they couldn’t make a decision to tie their shoes much less deal with the obvious and simple issue of constitutional protections. Do we not have them when we fly?

This is a very strange story. Supposedly, the airline had to make an unscheduled stop in New Orleans due to bad weather at the Dallas-Ft.Worth airport. But some people were allowed off in New Orleans. If it was an unscheduled weather stop meant to go on to Texas, why did anybody get off in New Orleans? Didn’t they all get on the plane knowing they were going to Texas? And, if international flight rules prevents people from getting off, why were New Orleans people allowed off but not the folks going on to Dallas for their connections? If it had something to do with the flight originating in a foreign country, where were the customs folks who could have processed any foreigners and let the citizens go free? I smell a rat.