VegasI just got back from Vegas where I spent a day with Wolynski, among other wonderful adventures.  I got my computer back today all nice and clean and I can start blogging again for real. I’ll put up my Vegas photos and admit publicly how much I loved the place. It’s all theater. Unfortunately though, I now have a broken camera. Vegas killed my Panasonic. I had my old Canon G2 with me (yes, these cameras still live) so it wasn’t a terrible tragedy.

And that’s not all. When I get my software loaded,  I’ll use Photo Shop to show you exactly what the W magazine photo shopper did to Demi Moore’s thigh.  She’s twittered the world, insisting that it’s really her and no retouching was ever done.  Oh really?

And I found another photo shop disaster on the Daily Mail that I will share with you. A missing breast. No kidding. You can easily see the sloppy clone job on Kate Hudson’s chest. It still amazes me that people get paid for this crappy work.

See ya soon!