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Not any more! It really is about time. There’s a new law that protects passengers who are grounded on the tarmac – no more hostage taking and the passengers have to be freed after 3 hours. The airlines are of course complaining that this will only make things worse. More canceled flights and greater inconvenience to the flying public. As it is, 613 flights were delayed more than 3 hours between January and June. That’s pretty inconvenient.

They also have to stop scheduling chronically delayed flights as well. That practice would have made it fairly inconvenient for travelers on a regular basis. That’s a skill I’d like to learn though.

I was on an inconvenient flight recently flying first class. The airline added an extra row of seats and the leg room was less than in coach. I couldn’t open my tray table at all if the passenger in front of me put his seat back even a bit.  I’m afraid I didn’t let him do that even once.

In the end, the airlines are  probably more concerned that they are now required to feed and water the livestock while they’re grounded on the tarmac, and keep the toilets clean.  We’ll have to wait and see how they use the loopholes. You can read the whole article in Star Tribune.