POINTY BRA 01_306x473This is really scary. Already on sale in the UK are cone shaped bras, throwbacks to the 1950s. Remember Jane Russell? Hers were built by Howard Hughes. I guess back then they needed an aircraft engineer to get those breasts to stand up.

Of course I’ll try one. I tried dope back in the when.

These new cone shaped bras have 48 technological components. 48? It takes that much technology to lift up a pair of boobies? What if you don’t have cone shaped breasts? According to a friend of mine, who seemed awfully excited to hear that the cones were back, said that you don’t need to be cone shaped, the bras will it do it for you.  But in the photos I saw of the skinny runway models in cones, the cones were hanging way south, on their waists. Plus, they looked like pre-pubescent kiddies dressing up like Mommy.

One UK store, quoted in the Daily Mail said, “the resurgence of the emphasis on curves even provides evidence that the worst of the recession is over and there are more optimistic times to come.”  Really? So all we had to do to save the world from economic recession was to start celebrating our curves?

Sales in the UK are soaring. If we’re lucky, this trend wont make it across the pond. These things are pretty scary….think about it. We women are used to the distance between us and everything else. The cones are going to shorten that distance considerably. In a cone, I’d be bumping into Jim half a second before the rest of me got there.

(Photo from the Daily Mail)