Hollister experienced a swarm of little earthquakes tonight and six after shocks. We felt one of them here on the coast. Well, Jim did. I was in my bath so I missed the performance. He said the house creaked long enough to get his attention.

It was 75 degrees today. Unbelievable. I don’t recall ever having such a sustained heat wave in January.  We’re all enjoying it but our joy is tainted by the knowledge that the rain we don’t get now, we wont have on tap come the dry months. The snow pack in the Sierras is also half what it should be. Cause to worry.


One of our neighbors is installing a rainwater collection system. It’s a fascinating project to watch. They’re digging up their front yard to bury six containers in the ground that will collect water from their downspouts. An expensive project but they’ll have the capacity to collect 7,200 gallons of rainwater. It’s not easy to go Green and for a lot of people, it’s unaffordable. Our house is set perfectly on our lot for solar panels but the rebates and tax breaks just don’t cover enough of the costs so we haven’t done it yet. Someday maybe. As for my rainwater collection, I just use barrels for now.

If you haven’t read “Farewell, My Subaru” by Doug Fine, do it. It’s hilarious. He decided to try and reduce his carbmy-hoodieon footprint and still keep some of the accoutrements of modern life like WiFi and his truck, which of course would have to run on grease. I love his piece on Walmart. I’ve never shopped at Walmart because I simply wont buy what he calls “slave-made junk”, plus I don’t like our trade deficit more than half of which is trade with China. I’d rather pay more to have less of better quality like my Prairie Underground hoodie, manufactured in Seattle using organic cotton. I’ll be buried in mine.

If free trade isn’t fair trade, I can do without it. And there’s always thrift. I’ve been a thrift addict forever. I’m not a collector. I do it because it’s Green. Buying new just eats up more trees and uses more petro chemicals to make more…and when more is better, you can never have enough. It’s a perfect recipe for remaining unsatisfied.  I just don’t get that it’s ok to destroy the Amazon rain forest to make chairs. The rain forests are the lungs of the planet. We’re like a walking, talking case of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease to the rain forests. Why hasn’t anyone made a solar powered flip camera?