The Vegas strip is stunning. It’s a living four dimensional collage.

Click to zoom. I just learned how to put zoom-able pictures in my posts. And I made the medium size larger for those of you with slower machines and the wait for zoom too long.

Jim was pretty sneaky. He knew if he said “Vegas” I’d say No Way. Instead, he said, “Let’s go see “O” at Cirque du Soleil.” I had tickets, flights and a hotel room within half an hour.

We thought Vegas would be tacky and stupid and we’d hate it except for seeing the show at the Bellagio. Jim hadn’t been there since the early ’90s when he went for tech conferences. Neither of us had seen the new Vegas. So we brought books just in case we got bored. We were so wrong!

Part of this living collage is comprised of graceful, romantic pieces, tall palm trees set against creamy stone facades, classical fountains and statuary, perfumed air in the MGM casino, a mini Versailles hall of chandeliers, enormous trompe l’oeil paintings on ceilings, of skies that change from day to night in an hour – patterned marble floors – St. Mark’s Square so beautifully faked ……   and then WHAM! you’re in the tension created by screeching pop culture icons – a coke bottle the size of a building – bright, garish lights – enormous television screens illuminating the night sky – music everywhere – the streets jammed with people, yet the casinos are oddly hushed.  Ever changing depending on where you are.

Wolynski took this one of me taking a photo of my absolute favorite thing in Vegas – the Living Statues in the Venetian. Go to her blog, Vegas Images. It’s in my side bar. She’s been shooting Vegas for a long time, and not just the strip.


I loved it. Wolynski wont let me forget it for a long time…that we brought books in case we got bored. Bored? I never slept. On our last night, walking back to our hotel long after midnight and the wonder of seeing “O”, I hung onto Jim’s jacket and just stumbled along behind him. By then my brain was trashed.

Edible Sculpture - ParisOh, and then there’s the food. Wear stretch pants. All day long, after we had gorged ourselves at the Paris buffet (while Jim was sleeping in), Wolynski said, “I’ll never eat again…I’ll never eat again.”

I would have eaten the edible sculpture displayed so brilliantly at the buffet, but it was out of reach.

I did manage to eat more somehow. That night I brought Jim to Paris for dinner and a stop at the Patisserie. I can’t remember what I ordered. If there hadn’t been any witnesses, I would have deliberately embarrassed myself. Too much Yum.


I hadn’t seen anything this deliciously sinful since the real Paris…the one in France.


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