Bread Hat

A Recipe for a Bad Hair Day

I made a hat out of bread. I discovered that it’s nearly impossible to make a hat out of real bread without it falling to pieces. Real bread is the kind that comes from your own oven or, if it comes from the bakery/boulangerie, it has a very short list of ingredients: FLOUR, SALT, YEAST, and WATER. If you see STARTER in the ingredients, you’re looking at sour dough bread. I made my hat from bread that I purchased from a grocery store; a loaf with the longest list of ingredients I could find and the only bread we ate when we were children; Wonder Bread.

Lamp Shade Made of Greens Support Organic Farmers

I made a lampshade out of the greens that I got from the organic farmer. All summer long I split a small family size box of vegetables with a friend.

Between us we couldn’t ever finish the greens. On this day there were so many gorgeous greens I just had to make an art piece. My back was turned when Jim asked, “Is this dinner or an art project?” I didn’t see that he had lifted the lid on a pot of summer soup and as I worked my greens into a lampshade I replied, “Yes, dear. It’s another art project.”

“What can you possibly do with this? It looks like soup!”

Fennel Is FabulousLola with Fennel

I hate fennel because it smells like licorice to me but Jim loves it so we always have fennel in the fridge in the summer.

I was playing with food one afternoon, making the second tomato family when I looked at the fennel leaves, really looked.

I imagined my mannequin Lola with feathery green hair. I gave her the straw hat that I got in St. Remy, in the south of France, and draped her with a scarf of earthy colors. This is Lola with Fennel.