45,000 eggs39,380 pounds of flour – 5,955 pounds of butter – 5,940 pounds of sugar and 1,870 pounds of chocolate a month and what do you get? Gayle’s Bakery and Rosticceria. She’s the cook when we aren’t up to the job and neither of us felt like cooking tonight. Jim has a cold and I wasn’t home long enough to throw so much as a bowl of cereal together.


Not only can she cook, she delivers exquisite customer service. Her staff are all on happiness drugs and no matter how crazy it gets, especially at the height of tourist season, they are unflappable.

So here’s my favorite Gayle’s story. It was a dark and stormy night. Really. It was dark when I got home from work, cold and pouring rain.  I found absolutely nothing in the pantry that I could cobble together into a meal. Since I was already wet and now hungry I went back out into the dark and stormy to pick up dinner.

When I got home and unloaded my bag on the counter, I discovered that the string beans were missing. Not a big deal except that I love the way Gayle’s does string beans and I had no veggies.  I called Gayle’s not to complain, just to get a “credit”…it’s an informal thing. If something goes wrong they take care of you.

I didn’t expect the Gayle’s van to pull into my driveway with a delivery of string beans and two free desserts.

Rack-Of-Day-Old-BreadsSo now I’ll talk about applesauce cake. It’s gotten a bad rep in health food stores because when you try to make it healthy (non fat) you get something that’s gluey and tastes like cardboard.  Why bother? Just eat an apple if you want to be healthy.

But if you want your applesauce cake to be moist and tasty, use butter. For an intense apple flavor use dried apples. Cut them up into half inch chunks, cook them in apple cider until they’re soft. Let the liquid reduce to a nice, sticky sauce. Try adding this to your favorite recipe. You wont be sorry.

I just finished “My Life in France” and I wish I had known years ago that Julia and Paul had the marriage of the century. They were so much in love and so well suited to one another. Love and butter. That’s all you need.