Evan is only three years old but he’ll be sure to correct you though if you don’t say “three and a half”. How desperately they want to be one year older when those of us who have already gotten too many years on the board would sometimes like to subtract a few. When he got up out of bed on Christmas Eve morning he asked India, “How many more days until Christmas?”

India explained that it was Christmas Eve day and there was only one more sleep before Christmas. Evan wandered off and started climbing the ladder to the loft bed.

“Where are going Evan?” asked India.

“I’m going back to sleep,” he said. One more sleep until Christmas!

(On Halloween night he was all dressed up in costume at the community center in La Selva Beach, along with everybody else in costume that night. He walked along the pavement, “Excuse me, excuse me,” he said. “Do you know where Halloween is?”)

It’s really too bad that we should have to grow up and acquire dates and times and schedules and deadlines. Every now and again I try to think like a three year old. It’s impossible. I grew up and now I know where Halloween is and when is Christmas. Oh, it would be lovely to be so innocent for just a moment.