This is why I don’t Twitter. Here we go with my day. I checked my email and cleared spam from my blog. Then I went off to the Museum of Art and History to meet Marlene and Judy for a Cafe au Something at Lulu’s. Lulu’s has three locations and the man who owns this little local chain has pulled the plug on laptops. Batteries only. He felt that he was getting too many students, staying too long and not buying enough.


The Museum of Art and History – December 2009



After the museum, I stopped in at the bookstore and having forgotten my Xmas gift certificate, all I could do was leave my pile for a pick up tomorrow. Then I went grocery shopping.


I drove home and put away tomorrow’s dinner. There’s was a note from the mail person that we had missed him and we could pick up the box or call to have it re-delivered. It was my Mac mini. Gigi called to ask if I’d like to take a walk around the neighborhood and of course I did. What luck, we came across the mail truck and I captured my Mac. We’ll be going out for an early dinner in Capitola at the Stockbridge…the place on the bridge.

That’s it. Well, there is one interesting tidbit. Jim emailed a security consultant who said that once the Mac market hits 10% of the total market, Macs will be ripe for targeting and it’s only a matter of time. I live for that day. This is why I don’t Twitter. Ho hum stuff is best kept to oneself. It’s bad enough that I’ve blogged such an uninteresting day.